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Josiah Putnam Murdaugh Jr. biography: 13 things about Colleton County, South Carolina native

Josiah Putnam Murdaugh Jr. has five children. Born in Colleton County, South Carolina, United States, he is the third child of Josiah Putnam Murdaugh Sr. and Mary Ursula Varn Murdaugh.

Josiah Jr. owned a tract of land in Almeda, southeast of Varnville, Hampton County, South Carolina. He was the local money lender for the people of Varnville.

After making fortune in phosphate mining and the commercial fertilizer industry in Charleston County, South Carolina, Josiah Jr. got into real estate development in Hampton County and Beaufort County, South Carolina. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. He has four siblings namely Lazarus Brown Murdaugh, Mary Ursula Murdaugh Jones, Cynthia Murdaugh and Frederick Newtown Murdaugh.
  2. He has three half-siblings namely Julius Alonzo Murdaugh, Nelson Pembrook Murdaugh and Wesley Capers Murdaugh.
  3. He was 17 years older than his wife Annie Marvin Davis Murdaugh.
  4. In 1855, his sister Mary Ursula died in Colleton County at age 33. In the same year, his mother died at age 61.
  5. In 1856, his father married Margaret Rentz Murdaugh.
  6. On December 25, 1863, his half-brother Wesley died in Ehrhardt, Bamberg County, South Carolina at age 2.
  7. In 1968, Annie gave birth to their daughter Hattie Murdaugh Lawton.
  8. In 1872, Annie gave birth to their son Herschel Victor Murdaugh.
  9. In 1874, Annie gave birth to their son Josiah Putnam Murdaugh III.
  10. In 1881, Annie gave birth to their son Mortimer Murdaugh.
  11. On June 29, 1882, his father died in South Carolina died at age 88.
  12. In 1887, Annie gave birth to their son Randolph Murdaugh.
  13. On August 17, 1912, he died in Charleston County at age 81.

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