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International Pageant of Pulchritude 1927 results: Dorothy Britton crowned in Galveston, Texas

  • beauty pageant: International Pageant of Pulchritude
  • edition: 2nd
  • venue: Galveston, Texas, United States
  • date: May 23, 1927
  • candidates: 38



  1. Madeleine Woodman (Canada)
  2. Angelina Anduiza (Cuba)
  3. Roberte Cusey (France)
  4. Maria Gallo (Italy)
  5. Rosa Blanq (Luxembourg)
  6. Lucero Guzman (Mexico)
  7. Margarida Bastos Ferreira (Portugal)
  8. María del Pilar Margarita Casajuana Martínez (Spain)
  9. Eliza Dixon (Vancouver)
  10. Nellie Mae Pace (Alexandria, Louisiana, USA)
  11. Bonney Winslow (Amarillo, Texas, USA)
  12. Hannah Joseph (Austin, Texas, USA)
  13. Dorothy Rex (Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA)
  14. Ada Hayden (Beaumont, Texas, USA)
  15. Lillian Rowett (Bessemer, Michigan, USA)
  16. Lesley Storey (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
  17. Frances Dempsey (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  18. Gladys Payne (Cleburne, Texas, USA)
  19. Modelle Ransome (Dallas, Texas, USA)
  20. Dulcy Burke (Denver, Colorado, USA)
  21. Mary Alice Nichols (Douglas, Arizona, USA)
  22. Ada Williams (Florida, USA)
  23. Gertrude Sheffield (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)
  24. Betty Hopkins (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
  25. Alberta McKellop (Houston, Texas, USA)
  26. Bess Nance (Kerrville, Texas, USA)
  27. Frances Gadors (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)
  28. Jessie Rogers (Monroe, Louisiana, USA)
  29. Mabel Riley (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)
  30. Dorothy Britton (New York, USA)
  31. Bertha Mae Melchan (Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas, USA)
  32. Mae Elizabeth Letts (Ogden, Utah, USA)
  33. Kathryn Hamer (Omaha, Nebraska)
  34. Mabel Iliff (Ottawa, Illinois, USA)
  35. Dorothy Fisk (Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA)
  36. Bess Enness (Point Isabel, Texas, USA)
  37. Florence Zoeller (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
  38. Janet Currie (Shreveport, Louisiana, USA)



  1. J. Knowles Hare (artist, painter)
  2. Harry Tuthill (cartoonist)
  3. Albert Ricker (artist)
  4. Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr. (newspaper publisher)
  5. Enrico Cerracchio (artist, sculptor)
  6. Paul Robinson (cartoonist)
  7. Edward Harlan “E.H.” McReynolds (newspaperman, advertiser)



Miss United States

(New York)
FINALISTS Lesley Storey (Brooklyn)
Frances Dempsey (Chicago)
Dulcy Burke (Denver)
Ada Williams (Florida)
Gertrude Sheffield (Fort Worth)
Alberta McKellop (Houston)
Dorothy Fisk (Pine Bluff)
Bess Enness (Point Isabel)
Janet Currie (Shreveport)
Moselle Ransom (Dallas)


Miss Universe

Beauty Queen of the Universe 1927
(Grand Prize)
Dorothy Britton
(New York)
1st prizeAda Williams
2nd prizeRosa Blanq
3rd prizeMaría del Pilar Margarita
Casajuana Martínez
4th prizeDorothy Fisk
(Pine Bluff)
5th prizeMadeline Woodman
6th prizeLesley Storey
7th prizeRoberte Cusey
8th prizeMoselle Ransom
9th prizeMaria Gallo

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