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Complete list of Miss Universe 1954 candidates

Maxine Morgan, Ana Bertha Lepe Jimenez, Christiane Martel, Myrna Rae Hansen, Kinuko Ito
Maxine Morgan, Ana Bertha Lepe Jimenez, Christiane Martel, Myrna Rae Hansen, Kinuko Ito

Miss Universe 1953 Christiane Martel, 18, of France will crown her successor at the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium in Long Beach, California, United States on July 24, 1954. It is the third edition of the international beauty pageant organized by Catalina Swimwear manufacturer Pacific Knitting Mills, which is based in California.

Originally, Efi Androulakakis was the representative of Greece. She was later replaced by Rika Diallina.

Including Diallina, 33 women are competing for the Miss Universe 1954 title. Here is the list of candidates:

  1. Charlein Lander (Alaska)
  2. Ivana Olga María Francisca Kislinger (Argentina)
  3. Shirley Bliss (Australia)
  4. Christiane Darnay Neckaerts (Belgium)
  5. Maria Martha Hacker Rocha (Brazil)
  6. Joyce Mary Landry (Canada)
  7. Gloria Leguisos Mesina (Chile)
  8. Marian Esquivel McKeown (Costa Rica)
  9. Isis Margarita Finlay García (Cuba)
  10. Myrna Ros Orozco (El Salvador)
  11. Lenita Airisto (Finland)
  12. Jacqueline Beer (France)
  13. Regina Ernst (Germany)
  14. Rika Diallina (Greece)
  15. Lilliam Padilla (Honduras)
  16. Virginia June Lee (Hong Kong)
  17. Aviva Pe’er (Israel)
  18. Maria Teresa Paliani (Italy)
  19. Mieko Kondo (Japan)
  20. Kae Sun Hae (Korea)
  21. Elvira Castillo Olivera (Mexico)
  22. Moana Akiwa Manley (New Zealand)
  23. Mona Stornes (Norway)
  24. Liliana Torre (Panama)
  25. Isabella León Velarde Dancuart (Peru)
  26. Blesilda Mueler Ocampo (Philippines)
  27. Lucy Santiago (Puerto Rico)
  28. Marjorie Lee (Singapore)
  29. Ragnhild Olausson (Sweden)
  30. Amara Atsawanon (Thailand)
  31. Miriam Stevenson (USA)
  32. Ana Moreno (Uruguay) 
  33. Evelyn Laura Andrade (West Indies)

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