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Complete list of Miss Universe 1957 candidates

Iris Alice Kathleen Waller, Marina Orschel, Carol Laverne Morris, Ingrid Goude, Rossana Galli
Iris Alice Kathleen Waller, Marina Orschel, Carol Laverne Morris, Ingrid Goude, Rossana Galli

Miss Universe 1956 Carol Laverne Morris, 20, of the United States will crown her successor at the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium in Long Beach, California, USA on July 19, 1957. It is the sixth edition of the international beauty pageant organized by Catalina Swimwear manufacturer Pacific Knitting Mills, which is based in California.

Finland’s Marita Lindahl, Colombia’s Yolanda Pulecio Velez and Australia’s June Finlayson have withdrawn from the competition. Mary Leona Gage was supposed represent the U.S. but she was disqualified because it turned out she had been married twice and she had two children.

Corine Rottschäfer was supposed to represent Holland but she was not eligible because she won Miss Europe 1957 on June 26, 1957. She will be allowed to compete in the next edition of Miss Universe.

Only 32 women will compete for the Miss Universe 1957 title. Here is the list of candidates:

  1. Martha Lehmann (Alaska)
  2. Mónica Lamas (Argentina)
  3. Hannerl Melcher (Austria)
  4. Janine Hanotiau (Belgium)
  5. Terezinha Gonçalves Morango (Brazil)
  6. Gloria Noakes (Canada)
  7. Camellia Rosalia Perera (Ceylon)
  8. Sonia Cristina Icaza (Costa Rica)
  9. María Rosa Gamio Fernández (Cuba)
  10. Patricia Juliana Benítez Wright (Ecuador)
  11. Sonia Hamilton (England)
  12. Lisa Simon (France)
  13. Gerti Daub (Germany)
  14. Ligia Karavia (Greece)
  15. Ana Walda Olyslager (Guatemala)
  16. Ramona Tong (Hawaii)
  17. Bryndís Schram (Iceland)
  18. Atara Barzilay (Israel)
  19. Valeria Fabrizzi (Italy)
  20. Kyoko Otani (Japan)
  21. Park Hyun Ok (Korea)
  22. Ginette Cidalise-Montaise (Martinique)
  23. Irma Arévalo (Mexico)
  24. Jacqueline Dorella Bonilla (Morocco)
  25. Lucy Montanero Rivarola (Paraguay)
  26. Gladys Rosa Zender Urbina (Peru)
  27. Mary Ann Carmen Philipps Corrales (Philippines)
  28. Mapita Mercado Cordero (Puerto Rico)
  29. Inger Jonsson (Sweden)
  30. Guler Sirmen (Turkey)
  31. Gabriela Pascal (Uruguay)
  32. Consuelo Leticia Nouel Gómez (Venezuela)

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