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Complete list of Miss Universe 1958 candidates

María Rosa Gamio Fernández, Sonia Hamilton, Gladys Rosa Zender Urbina, Terezinha Gonçalves Morango, Gerti Daub
María Rosa Gamio Fernández, Sonia Hamilton, Gladys Rosa Zender Urbina, Terezinha Gonçalves Morango, Gerti Daub

Miss Universe 1957 Gladys Rosa Zender Urbina, 18, of Peru will crown her successor at the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium in Long Beach, California, United States on July 25, 1958. It is the seventh edition of the international beauty pageant organized by Catalina Swimwear manufacturer Pacific Knitting Mills, which is based in California.

Philippines’ Carmen Remedios Tuazon and Austria’s Hanni Ehrenstrasser withdrew from the competition. Costa Rica’s Eugenia Maria Valverde Guardia is an official candidate but she will not be judged because she is three months underage.

Including Valverde, 36 women are participating in Miss Universe 1958. Here is the list of candidates:

  1. Eleanor Moses (Alaska)
  2. Celina Mercedes Ayala (Argentina)
  3. Astrid Tanda Lindholm (Australia)
  4. Liliane Taelemans (Belgium)
  5. Adalgisa Colombo (Brazil)
  6. Clyo Fernandes (British Guiana)
  7. Eileen Cindy Conroy (Canada)
  8. Raquel Molina Urrutia (Chile)
  9. Luz Marina Zuluaga (Colombia)
  10. Eugenia María Valverde Guardia (Costa Rica)
  11. Arminia Pérez y González (Cuba)
  12. Evy Norlund (Denmark)
  13. Alicia Vallejo Eljuri (Ecuador)
  14. Dorothy Hazeldine (England)
  15. Monique Boulinguez (France)
  16. Marlies Jung Behrens (Germany)
  17. Marily Kalimopoulou (Greece)
  18. Maya Glinz (Guatemala)
  19. Geri Hoo (Hawaii)
  20. Corine Rottschäfer (Holland)
  21. Miriam Hadar (Israel)
  22. Clara Copella (Italy)
  23. Tomoko Moritake (Japan)
  24. Oh Geum Soon (Korea)
  25. Elvira Leticia Risser Corredor (Mexico)
  26. Greta Andersen (Norway)
  27. Graciela Scorza Leguizamón (Paraguay)
  28. Beatriz Boluarte (Peru)
  29. Alicja Bobrzowska (Poland)
  30. Marion Willis (Singapore)
  31. Gertrud Gummels (Suriname)
  32. Birgitta Elisabeth Gårdman (Sweden)
  33. Irene Augustyniak (Uruguay)
  34. Eurlyne Howell (USA)
  35. Ida Margarita Pieri (Venezuela)
  36. Angela Tong (West Indies)

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