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Complete list of Miss Universe 1960 candidates

Vera Regina Ribeiro, Terry Lynn Huntingdon, Akiko Kojima, Jorunn Kristjansen, Pamela Anne Searle
Vera Regina Ribeiro, Terry Lynn Huntingdon, Akiko Kojima, Jorunn Kristjansen, Pamela Anne Searle

Miss Universe 1959 Akiko Kojima (児島 明子), 24, of Japan will crown her successor at the Miami Beach Auditorium in Miami Beach, Florida, United States on July 9, 1960. It is the ninth edition of the international beauty pageant organized by Catalina Swimwear manufacturer Pacific Knitting Mills, which is based in California.

This is the first time the competition is held in Florida. Journalist Charles Collingwood, 53, will make his debut as the coronation ceremony’s presenter.

Cameroon’s Sale Assouen, Mexico’s Lorena Velásquez, Poland’s Marzena Malinowska and Tahiti’s Maria Flohr withdrew from the competition while Haiti’s Claudinette Fourchard quit because she is getting married. Antje Moller was supposed to represent Denmark but she is only 16 years old so she was replaced by Lizzie Ellinor Hess.

Including Hess, 43 women are competing for the Miss Universe 1960 crown. Here is the list of candidates:

  1. Rose Marie Lincke (Argentina)
  2. Elizabeth Hodacs (Austria)
  3. Huberte Bax (Belgium)
  4. Nancy Aguirre (Bolivia)
  5. Jean Gina MacPherson (Brazil)
  6. Myint Myint May (Burma)
  7. Edna Dianne McVicar (Canada)
  8. Marinka Polhammer Espinoza (Chile)
  9. Maria Stella Márquez Zawadzky (Colombia)
  10. Leila Rodríguez (Costa Rica)
  11. Flora Lauten Hoyos (Cuba)
  12. Lizzie Ellinor Hess (Denmark)
  13. Isabel Rolando Ceballos (Ecuador)
  14. Joan Ellinor Boardman (England)
  15. Maija-Leena Manninen (Finland)
  16. Florence Anne Marie Normand Eyrie (France)
  17. Ingrun Helgard Moeckel (Germany)
  18. Magda Passaloglou (Greece)
  19. Carina Verbeek (Holland)
  20. Vivian Cheung (Hong Kong)
  21. Svanhildur Jakobsdóttir (Iceland)
  22. Aliza Gur (Israel)
  23. Daniela Bianchi (Italy)
  24. Yayoi Furuno (Japan)
  25. Helen Giatanapoulus (Jordan)
  26. Sohn Miheeja (Korea)
  27. Gladys Tabet (Lebanon)
  28. Marie Venturi (Luxembourg)
  29. Marilyn Escobar (Morocco)
  30. Lorraine Nawa Jones (New Zealand)
  31. Ragnhild Aass (Norway)
  32. Mercedes Teresa Ruggia (Paraguay)
  33. Medallit Gallino (Peru)
  34. Maria Teresa Motta Cardoso (Portugal)
  35. Nicolette Joan Caras (South Africa)
  36. María Teresa del Río (Spain)
  37. Christine Jie Sam Foek (Surinam)
  38. Birgitta Öfling (Sweden)
  39. Elaine Maurath (Switzerland)
  40. Marie Louise Carrigues (Tunisia)
  41. Iris Teresa Ubal Cabrera (Uruguay)
  42. Linda Jeanne Bement (USA)
  43. Mary Quiróz Delgado (Venezuela)

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