Complete list of Miss Universe 1966 candidates

The Miss Universe 1966 coronation night will be held at the Miami Beach Auditorium in Miami Beach, Florida, United States on July 16, 1966. It is the 15th edition of the international beauty pageant founded by Catalina Swimwear manufacturer Pacific Knitting Mills, which is based in California, USA.

“Lassie” star June Lockhart, 41, “The Greatest Story Ever Told” actor Pat Boone, 32, and Jack Linkletter, 28, will host the show, which will be aired on CBS. Guam and Guyana are represented for the first time.

Virpi Liisa Miettinen, Sue Ann Downey, Apasra Hongsakula, Ingrid Norman, Anja Schuit
Virpi Liisa Miettinen, Sue Ann Downey, Apasra Hongsakula, Ingrid Norman, Anja Schuit

Representing Thailand, Apasra Hongsakula was 18 years old when she was crowned Miss Universe 1965 at the Miami Beach Auditorium on July 24, 1965. She bested 55 other candidates.

There are 58 women competing for the Miss Universe 1966 crown. Here are the candidates:

  1. Elba Beatriz Basso (Argentina)
  2. Sandra Fang (Aruba)
  3. Renate Polacek (Austria ) 
  4. Sandra Zoe Jarrett (Bahamas)
  5. Mireille De Man (Belgium) 
  6. Marie Clarissa Trott (Bermuda)
  7. Maria Elena Borda (Bolivia)
  8. Ana Cristina Ridzi (Brazil) 
  9. Marjorie Anne Schofield (Canada) 
  10. Lorraine Roosmalecocq (Ceylon) 
  11. Stella Dunnage Roberts (Chile) 
  12. Edna Margarita Rudd Lucena (Colombia)
  13. Maria Virginia Oreamuno (Costa Rica)
  14. Lesbia Murrieta (Cuba)  
  15. Elizabeth Sanchez (Curacao)
  16. Gitte Fleinert (Denmark)
  17. Martha Cecilia Andrade Alominia (Ecuador)
  18. Janice Carol Whiteman (England)
  19. Satu Charlotta Östring (Finland)
  20. Michèle Boulé (France)
  21. Marion Heinrich (Germany)
  22. Katia Balafouta (Greece ) 
  23. Barbara Jean Perez (Guam) 
  24. Umblita Van Sluytman (Guyana) 
  25. Margo Isabelle Domen (Holland)
  26. Erla Traustadóttir (Iceland)
  27. Yasmin Daji (India)
  28. Gladys Anne Waller (Ireland)
  29. Aviva Israeli (Israel)
  30. Paola Bassolino (Italy)
  31. Beverly Savory (Jamaica)
  32. Atsumi Ikeno (Japan) 
  33. Yoon Gui-young (Korea)
  34. Yolla George Harb (Lebanon)
  35. Gigi Antinori (Luxembourg) 
  36. Helen Lee Siew Lien (Malaysia) 
  37. Joelle Lesage (Morocco) 
  38. Heather Gettings (New Zealand) 
  39. Siri Gro Nilsen (Norway)
  40. Yoneko Kiyan (Okinawa) 
  41. Dionisia Broce (Panama)
  42. Mirtha Martínez Sarubbi (Paraguay)  
  43. Madeline Hartog-Bel Houghton (Peru)
  44. Maria Clarinda Garces Soriano (Philippines)
  45. Carol Bajandas (Puerto Rico) 
  46. Linda Ann Lees (Scotland) 
  47. Margaret van Meel (Singapore)  
  48. Lynn Carol De Jager (South Africa) 
  49. Paquita Torres Pérez (Spain)
  50. Joyce Magda Leysner (Surinam) 
  51. Margareta Arvidsson (Sweden)
  52. Hedy Frick (Switzerland)
  53. Jeeranun Savettanun (Thailand)
  54. Kathleen Hares (Trinidad and Tobago)   
  55. Nilgün Arslaner (Turkey) 
  56. Maria Judith Remenyi (United States)
  57. Magally Beatriz Castro Egui (Venezuela) 
  58. Christine Heller (Wales)

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