Aloha High School students Peter Zito Jr., Donald Bartron shot in Beaverton, Oregon; Joseph Amir Wilson arrested

Peter Zito, Jr. and Donald Bartron have died. Zito was 18 while Bartron was 16.

Zito and Bartron were friends. They were both students of Aloha High School in Aloha, Washington County, Oregon, United States who were in the process of dropping out.


At around 4:00 a.m. on October 3, 1974, Zito and Bartron were fatally shot while Zito’s 1956 Oldsmobile was parked outside the Oak Hills Recreation Center in Beaverton, Washington County. The car had its hood popped open as Barton had been trying to fix the car under a street light in the recreation center’s parking lot. 

Barton, who was shot in the back of the head, was slumped inside the engine compartment. Zito was shot in the front of the head and his body was found next to his car.


A .22 caliber gun was used to shoot Zito and Bartron multiple times. Later that day, Washington County Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested Joseph Amir Wilson, 18, of Aloha.

Wilson was charged with two counts of murder and was booked into the Washington County Jail in Hillsboro, Washington County without bail. Authorities have yet to release further details about his involvement in the fatal shooting of Zito and Bartron.

Zito is Peter Zito, Sr. and Faith Zito‘s son. Peter Jr. has two sisters namely Barbara Zito and Stephanie Zito.


When Aloha High School was established in 1968, its students used Merle Davies Elementary School and parts of Beaverton High School. In 1970, the Aloha High School building held its first classes while the building was still incomplete.

From 1969 to 1972, Greg McMackin, 29, was a football coach at Aloha High School. He was born in Springfield, Lane County, Oregon.

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