Miss South Africa 1981 results: Sandra McCrystal crowns Linda Phillips in Johannesburg, Transvaal

  • beauty pageant: Miss South Africa
  • edition: 26th
  • venue: Colosseum Theatre, Johannesburg, Transvaal Province, South Africa
  • date: August 1, 1981
  • candidates: 20


  1. Arina van Aswegen
  2. Christine Blickle
  3. Colleen Seabell
  4. Concetta Rossetti
  5. Elmarie van Aswegen
  6. Linda Phillips
  7. Marie Terblanche
  8. Mariechen Geustyn
  9. Mariette van Zyl
  10. Melinda Maxwell
  11. Michelle Kay
  12. Michelle Oliver
  13. Nadia Schwartz
  14. Priscilla Chrispaul
  15. Robyn Taylor
  16. Sharlene Kretschmer
  17. Sharon Griffin
  18. Shayne Larkin
  19. Susan Schuttler
  20. Wendy Embleton



  • Miss Legs: Christine Blickle
  • Miss Personality: Priscilla Chrispaul


Top 5Sharon Griffin
Robyn Taylor
Saroj Chetty
Annabelle Short
2nd princessSusan SchuttlerFiona White
1st princessElmarie van AswegenKim Aston
Miss South AfricaLinda PhillipsSandra McCrystal

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