Arkansas arrestee William Roth Jr. confesses to killing Rainbow City, Alabama’s Alan Livingston

William Roth Jr., 32, was recently arrested in Arkansas, United States. He is accused of committing murder in Clarksville, Texas, USA.

In June 1983, a patrolman in Arkansas saw Roth hitchhiking and gave Roth a ride. After dropping the hitchhiker at an interstate exit, the patrolman heard a be-on-a-lookout (BOLO) dispatch for a suspect in a murder in Clarksville.


The description matched Roth so the patrolman went back and found Roth. The patrolman took the hitchhiker into custody without any problem.

During an interview with authorities from Arkansas and Texas, Roth said he used a baseball bat to beat a male victim in Clarksville and left the victim still alive. But the victim was actually stabbed to death.


When investigators asked Roth if he had previously committed a similar crime, he admitted to hitting Alan Douglas Livingston, 25, of Rainbow City, Etowah County, Alabama, USA in the head with a board after an argument in Gadsden, Etowah County. Livingston was last seen driving a 1980 Ford Bronco at the Forest River Apartments in Gadsden and was reported missing on April 16, 1983.

According to Roth, he and Livingston both frequented Players Lounge, a nightspot in Gadsden. Roth claimed that he hit Livingston in the head with a board after Livingston made an advance toward him.

Roth told investigators many different stories about what he did with Livingston’s body. Investigators could not bring charges because they never got enough information to find Livingston or his vehicle.

Anyone with information about Alan Douglas Livingston‘s whereabouts is asked to contact the Gadsden Police Department

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