Man pretends to be WAVA-FM host Don Geronimo, rapes girl in Fairfax, Virginia


The Fairfax County Police Department is asking the help of the public to identify the white man who raped a girl, 14, in Fairfax, Virginia, United States. The man pretended to be radio host Don Geronimo, 28, phoned a woman and told her she needed to listen to his radio station to be eligible for a trip to Hawaii, USA and a $1,000 prize.

To proceed with the award, the woman needed to give personal information, the man told her, so she provided her home phone number and address. When he called the number, it was her teenage daughter who answered.


Unfortunately, the teenager believed that she was really talking to a radio host and was convinced to go to a radio station in Fairfax City. The man pretending to be Geronimo picked her up from there on March 6, 1987.

Driving a late model silver 4-door compact car with gray cloth bucket seats, automatic shifter on console between seats and a black dash with AM-FM stereo, the man drove the teenager to a dirt road off the highway just west of the city limits and implied he had a gun. After raping her in a wooden area, he drove off.

On the same day, the teenager reported the assault to police. According to her, the rapist is 6’0″ tall, weighs around 215-225 pounds, is in his early to mid-20s, has pockmarks in his lower face and cheek, has straight collar-length sandy blonde hair and has no facial hair.

The rapist was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with zipper and two horizontal red and blue stripes on the left sleeve, jeans and white high-top tennis shoes, according to the teenager. He was also wearing brown framed glasses, she said.


On March 7, 1987, Geronimo dedicated much of his four-hour show to discussing the crime. He said he was horrified to even be remotely involved in a rape case and have his name used by the perpetrator.

Geronimo was born Michael L. Sorce. Since March 1985, he has been hosting the WAVA-FM (105.1) talk show “Morning Zoo” with Mike O’Meara, 27.

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Anyone with information concerning the suspect is asked to call Crime Solves at 703-691-8888.

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