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Norton Shores, Michigan’s Stacey Lyn Chahorski is missing

Stacey Lyn Chahorski, 19, was born and raised in Norton Shores, Muskegon County, Michigan, United States. She is the daughter of Mary Beth Ritter Chahorski, 41, and the sister of Michael Albert Chahorski, 18.

While in North Carolina, USA, Stacey talked to Mary Beth via telephone on September 15, 1988. The teenage girl told her mother that she was heading back to Michigan.

The Norton Shores teen wanted to see other parts of the U.S. She hitchhiked across the country even though her mother warned her against doing it.


Stacey said she was planning to hitch rides from North Carolina to Flint, Genesee County, Michigan then she would be coming home to North Shores. But she did not return home.

That was Stacey’s last conversation with Mary Beth. It is unclear whether the teenager was traveling alone or she was with someone.

On January 17, 1989, Mary Beth reported Stacey missing to the Norton Shores Police Department. According to the police report, Stacey was traveling from either Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee, USA or Charlotte, North Carolina to Chicago, Illinois, USA by bus or hitchhiking.

Anyone with information about Stacey Lyn Chahorski‘s whereabouts is asked to contact the Norton Shores Police Department.


Norton Shores was incorporated as a city on April 16, 1968. The city is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Muskegon County.

In 1845, North Shores was organized as a township by settlers of the village of Mill Point, which was later renamed Spring Lake. In 1869, Spring Lake was incorporated as a village in Ottawa County, Michigan.

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