Minneapolis, Minnesota’ Jeanne Ann Childs fatally stabbed; Still no suspect


Jeanne Ann “Jeanie” Childs of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States has died. She was 35.

Childs grew up in Isanti, Isanti County, Minnesota. She was married to Alfred Childs, 58, of Minneapolis.

After having a hysterectomy, Jeanie was not able to have children. She was happy to be the stepmother of Alfred’s three children from prior relationships.

Jeanne Ann Childs (©Minneapolis Police Department)
Jeanne Ann Childs (©Minneapolis Police Department)

Alfred and Jeanie later separated and she started dating Arthur Gray. She and Gray lived in an apartment unit on the 21st floor of Horn Towers in Minneapolis, which was leased to him.

Jeanie allegedly used the unit for prostitution. Gray was allegedly her pimp.

On June 13, 1993, a neighbor complained about water coming from the unit. Security guard Corey Busker went to the unit and found Jeanie wedged between the bed and the dresser, which were disheveled and bloodstained.

Bloody water was all over the floor and the bedroom window was wide open with the screen missing. The shower was left running.

Jeanie was fatally stabbed and she was wearing nothing but dirty socks. Shortly before 7:00 p.m., Minneapolis Police Department sergeant Linda Riemenschneider responded to the unit.

In total, Jeanie had 65 stab wounds, some of which were inflicted after she died. She received 17 cuts to her abdomen, including one large cut that exposed her intestines.


At the time of Jeanie’s murder, Gray was with Maurice Hampton, 34, of Indiana, USA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA attending Harley-Davidson‘s 90th anniversary. After the event, Gray and Hampton went to Chicago, Illinois, USA before staying at the house of Hampton’s mother in Indiana.

Authorities have yet to identify a suspect. Jeanie was buried in Long Lake Lutheran Cemetery in Isanti.

Anyone with information about Jeanne Ann Childs‘ murder is asked to contact the Minneapolis Police Department.

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