El Paso, Texas’s Francisco Santoni, Connie Villa, Dante Santoni found stabbed inside their home

Francisco Clive Santoni Thornhill, Maria Concepcion “Connie” Villa and Dante Santoni Villa of El Paso, Texas, United States have died. Francisco was 59, Villa was 28 and Dante was 3.

Villa was Francisco’s girlfriend and Dante is their son. Francisco is Luis Santoni and Anna Rosalina Thornhill‘s son while Villa is Nicholas Villa and Maria T. Villa‘s daughter.

Francisco owned an international auto parts business. Connie was a travel agent.


On August 11, 1994, El Paso Police Department officers found Francisco, Connie and Dante’s bodies inside their two-story stucco home, which is behind Montwood High School in El Paso. Each of the three had at least 10 stab wounds.

Both Francisco and Connie were found dead on the floor of the master bedroom. In a separate room, Dante was found face-down on his bed.

Jewelry and clothing were stolen from the house. The family’s 1994 Dodge Colt is also missing.

There was no sign of forcible entry. Authorities have yet to identify a suspect.

Anyone with information about the murders of Francisco Santoni, Connie Villa and Dante Santoni are asked to contact the El Paso Police Department.


El Paso was incorporated in 1873. Built in 1929, the city’s El Paso International Airport was a U.S. Army Air Forces training base during World War II.

In 1969, the National Civic League recognized El Paso with the All-America City Award. Born in the city, Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramirez, 30, was convicted on September 20, 1989 of five counts of attempted murder, 11 counts of sexual assault, 13 counts of murder and 14 counts of burglary.

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