Anchorage, Alaska’s David Burdette shot in KFC parking lot


David Burdette of Anchorage, Alaska, United States has died. He was 18.

On the evening of May 20, 1995, Burdette went to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Midtown, Anchorage. He was later fatally shot in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant.

Burdette allegedly got into an argument with someone at the fast food restaurant before he was fatally shot. Authorities have yet to release details about the suspect.


Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage was incorporated as s city on November 23, 1920, as a borough on January 1, 1964 and as a unified municipality on September 15, 1975. It was named for the anchorage at the mouth of Ship Creek, a river that lies entirely within the limits of the municipality.

Born in Minnesota, USA, Richard “Rick” Mystorm is the incumbent and 32nd mayor of Anchorage. He assumed office on July 1, 1994.


Kentucky Fried Chicken

Born in Henryville, Indiana, USA, Colonel Harland David Sanders founded Sanders Court and Cafe in North Corbin, Kentucky, USA on March 20, 1930. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Leon Weston “Pete” Harman struck a deal with Sanders to open the first KFC franchise in Salt Lake City on September 24, 1952.

Sanders died in Louisville, Kentucky, USA on December 16, 1980. He was 90.

flag of the United States of America 1960

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