Missing Grand Rapids, Michigan mom Sharon Hammack found dead in Caledonia


Sharon Kay Hammack of Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, United States has died. She was 29.

Born in Michigan to Jacob Edward Gross, 60, and Lois Jean Gross, 57, Hammack is a mother of two. Aside from Grand Rapids, Hammack also lived in other parts of Michigan including Comstock Park.


On October 3, 1996, Hammack was reported missing. She was last seen that day at the intersection of Banner Street and Division Avenue in Grand Rapids.

Later that day, Hammack was found dumped in a ditch near the intersection of 76th Street west of Kraft Avenue near Caledonia, Kent County. She had been sexually assaulted, hogtied and fatally stabbed.

Wrapped in a blanket, Hammack was wearing only a pearl necklace and a white bra. Her clothing and shoes were missing.

Hammack was stabbed in the head twice and a rope was used to hogtie her. Authorities have yet to name a suspect.

Anyone with information about Sharon Kay Hammack‘s murder is asked to contact the Kent County Sheriff’s Department at (616) 632-6125.


Since March 1994, Grand Rapids had a series of homicides. All of the victims, except one, had ties to prostitution. 

Hammack was the 11th victim. She was three to five months pregnant pregnant when she was murdered.

Like the other victims, Hammack struggled with addiction. To support the lifestyle, she had to to do sex work.

The Grand Rapids woman has three sisters namely Lori Gross, 37, Terri L. Navitskas, 35, and Tina M. Gross, 27. They have two brothers namely Mark Gross, 34, and Joseph Gross, 32.

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