University of Michigan student David Cho falls from top of library

David Cho of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan, United States has passed away. He was 19.

Cho is one of the two sons of Korean New Hope Baptist Church pastor Young Ho Cho, 50, and Hyun Sim Cho, 46. David and his brother Lawrence Cho, 20, have a younger sister named Sarah Cho, 12.


David had just completed his first year in the University of Michigan‘s College of Engineering in Ann Arbor. His roommate in the university’s Couzens Residence Hall was Matt Augustyn, 19, a sophomore.

According to Augustyn, David went to the university’s Hatcher Graduate Library after going out to dinner with his parents on the evening of May 6, 1997. At 9:50 p.m., David was found on the ground near the southwest corner of the library.

Apparently, David fell from the top of the library. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

There was no indication of foul play, according to the university’s spokesperson Julie Peterson. Accidental death and suicide are among the possible causes of the incident being considered by the Department of Public Safety.


The University of Michigan is the oldest university in Michigan. From its establishment in 1817 to 1821, it was called Catholepistemiad or the Catholcpistemiad Michigania.

Since 1871, the university has been a coeducational institution. In 1920, the university’s College of Engineering was reorganized with a new advisory committee of 100 industrialists formed to guide academic research initiatives.

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