Plainfield, New Jersey’s Martha Morales stabbed inside apartment

Martha Morales of Plainfield, Union County, New Jersey, United States has died. She was 49.

On July 23, 2003, Plainfield Police Department officers responded to Morales’s apartment on East Third Street in Plainfield. They found her unresponsive inside the apartment.


According to the Plainfield Police Department, Morales had multiple stab wounds. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Morales shared the apartment with Fausto Ramiro Santos Carillo, 37. Authorities have yet to share details about the relationship between the two and his whereabouts.


Plainfield was incorporated as a city on April 21, 1869. Dubbed as the Queen City, it used to be a bedroom suburb in the metropolitan area of New York, USA.

Albert T. McWilliams, 49, is the incumbent mayor of Plainfield. Actors Geoffrey Lewis, 67, and Florence LaRue, 61, were both born in the city.

flag of the United States of America July 4, 1960 -

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