Miss South Africa 2004 results: Joan Ramagoshi crowns Claudia Henkel in Sun City, North West

  • beauty pageant: Miss South Africa
  • edition: 49th
  • venue: Sun City Superbowl, Sun City, Moses Kotane, North West, South Africa
  • date: December 11, 2004
  • candidates: 12
flag of South Africa
flag of South Africa


  1. Amanda Koekemoer
  2. Candice Ndzeku
  3. Charmaine Dlamini
  4. Claudia Henkel
  5. Dhiveja Sundrum
  6. Judy Ratner
  7. Michelle Geldenhuys
  8. Monica Balanco
  9. Nkele Motsomi
  10. Sharon Arigye-Mushabe
  11. Susann Myburgh
  12. Yolanda Ndwandwa



  • Miss Legs: Claudia Henkel


Top 5Candice Ndzeku
Yolanda Ndwandwa
Lebo Seketse
Charlene Gerber
2nd princessSharon Arigye-MushabeSiza Majola
1st princessDhiveja SundrumMarissa Eggli
Miss South Africa
Claudia Henkel
Joan Ramagoshi

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