Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano for tourists in Costa Rica


One thing tourists in Costa Rica should not miss is the Arenal Volcano or Volcan Arenal in Spanish.

Not only is the Arenal the most active volcano of Costa Rica. It is also one of the top-rated tourist attractions of the country. Easily accessible from the capital city San Jose, the town of La Fortuna de San Carlos serves as the entryway to this splendid volcano. Located in Alajuela province, La Fortuna connects the Arenal with Monteverde and Santa Elena’s cloud forests and Costa Rica’s northern lowlands. This means that this town is surrounded by several tourist attractions.

Located approximately 10 kilometers away from town, the Arenal Volcano is definitely a beautiful view to behold as it spews smoke and ash on a regular basis. In its gateway La Fortuna, which is a charming and quiet town, travelers can see some panoramic views of the spectacular volcano. Aside from the wonderful resort spas surrounding the volcano, La Fortuna has numerous accommodations, hotels and resorts that cater to all budget types. In town, the hotel rooms that offer that best views of the volcano are those located in the main plaza, where they can witness spectacles of the volcano night and day.


Furthermore, La Fortuna has other great tourist attractions aside from the Arenal Volcano, such as the La Catarata de la Fortuna and the Tabacon Hot Springs. Falling from a dizzying 70m height, La Catarata de la Fortuna is an awe-inspiringly stunning waterfall that offers a perfect picture for photographers or any spectator. Nearby, visitors who want to unwind can go to the Tabacon Hot Springs, which is a perfect place for relaxation after a long exhausting vacation. The hot springs offer perfect tranquility because they are set not only amidst splendid waterfalls but in the middle of rare orchids and dazzling lush greenery, too.

For busy individuals who want to explode like a volcano due to stress from their hectic schedule, it will be a great idea to have a break and visit Costa Rica, which is such a beautiful country in many ways. Aside from its beautiful people, this county also has a long list of tourist spots that are internationally famous.

Visiting a volcano is not a common way to spend a vacation but enjoying the scenery around the Arenal Volcano is a different thing. It is important to include it in your Costa Rican vacation itinerary.

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