beauty pageant results

Miss Universe Sweden 2013 results: Hanni Beronius crowns Alexandra Friberg in Stockholm

  • beauty pageant: Miss Universe Sweden
  • edition: 5th
  • date: August 30, 2013
  • venue: Club Ambassadeur, Stockholm, Sweden
  • candidates: 17
  • hosts: Ronnia Fornstedt, Hanni Beronius



  1. Alexandra Friberg
  2. Dorota Bartlewska
  3. Eleonore Lilja
  4. Frida Fornander
  5. Izabell Hahn
  6. Jannike Nielsen
  7. Johanna Boy Gustring
  8. Johanna Petersson
  9. Josephine Lindstrom
  10. Kristina Petrokovic
  11. Malin Ekholm
  12. Pamela Olivera
  13. Rebecca Fallberg
  14. Sabina Horgen
  15. Sandra Lundquist
  16. Suzanne Thuresson
  17. Vanessa Ceder


Miss Bikini SwedenIzabell Hahn
Miss Earth SwedenDenice Andrée
Camilla Hansson
Miss International SwedenEleonore Lilja
Katarina Konow
Miss Universe SwedenAlexandra Friberg
Hanni Beronius

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