ONE Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee breaks silence over criticisms about her looks, weight, heritage, citizenship

On June 6, Tuesday, ONE Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee, 20, took to Facebook to respond to the criticisms against her looks, weight, heritage and citizenship. For her, these are the things that make up who she is.

“There are people who insult me,” Lee wrote along with her photo taken in Oahu, Hawaii. “They think it’s okay to make rude remarks about my body and how I look. There are people who criticize me. They question who I am and who I represent when I fight. There are people who doubt my abilities as a fighter. They underestimate my skills and technique in the cage.”

The ONE Atomweight World Champion reminded her fans that they are strong, brave and unique and they have control over how they feel and how they choose to let things affect them although they have no control over what other people say or feel. She clarified that she was neither whining nor complaining but she just wanted to let other girls and boys to know that it was not okay and not right for people to say mean and hurtful things.

These critics had no business speaking about such things, Lee said, and she did not want to give them the authority to speak into her life. Realizing that the only opinions that truly matter are the opinions of the ones she loves and the ones who love her, she refuses to either accept or acknowledge any of the criticisms and insults thrown at her.

What the young MMA fighter acknowledged was that she would have an identity crisis if her parents, who are both martial artists, did not raise her with the self-confidence and the inner strength that she has today. Her fans are well aware of how supportive her Singaporean father and her South Korean mother are of her in her career as a fighter.

Lee was born in Canada in 1996 but she and her family moved to Hawaii in 2003. She signed with ONE Championship in 2014 and became the world’s youngest MMA fighter to win a world title in 2016.


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