‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4 spoilers: What did DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios do in Mexico?


DeMario Jackson, 30, a bartender from Los Angeles, California, United States is one of the cast members of “Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4, which is set to premiere on ABC on August 8, 2017. However, it appears that he will not stay long in the new season of the spin-off of “The Bachelor.” 

Jackson was allegedly filmed in a sexual encounter with fellow cast member Corinne Olympios, 25, a business owner from Miami, Florida, United States on the set of “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 4 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In a statement obtained by People, Warner Bros. said they have suspended production while they are conducting a thorough investigation of the allegation and will take appropriate responsive action once the investigation is complete.


Although Jackson was not accused of a criminal offense, he was quick to cry foul when the scandal broke. Through his publicist Eve Sarkisyan-Nunn, he released a statement to Entertainment Online saying it was unfortunate that his character and family name has been assassinated with false claims and malicious allegations.

“I will be taking swift and appropriate legal action until my name is cleared,” Jackson told the publication. He added that he was advised to take legal actions to get all available remedies entitled to him under the laws.

After this, Jackson appeared on “Inside Edition” to continue defending himself. He said his character has been assassinated as he was fired from his job after the scandal and his family name has been “drug through the mud.”


What Jackson wanted, he said, was for the tapes of the incident to be released so that the truth will come out. He also clarified that he was not blaming Olympios for the scandal.  

In the male cast of “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 4, Jackson is the only one from was from “The Bachelorette” Season 13. The others are “The Bachelorette” Season 12 alums Nick Benvenutti, Robby Hayes, Derek Peth, Vinny Ventiera, Alex Woytkiw and “The Bachelorette” Season 11 alum Ben Zorn.

The female members are Olympios’s fellow “The Bachelor” Season 21 alums Raven Gates, Jasmie Goode, Danielle Maltby, Lacey mark, Taylor Nolan and Kristina Schulman. Amanda Stanton is the only one from “The Bachelor” Season 20.

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