‘Fight For My Way’ beats ‘My Sassy Girl,’ ‘Lookout’

Starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won, “Fight For My Way” is the new South Korean drama series to watch out for. Recently, the KBS2 show beat its rivals, SBS series “My Sassy Girl” and MBC series “Lookout” in the Monday-Tuesday ratings race.

“Fight For My Way” premiered on May 22. Its 10th episode, which aired on June 20, Tuesday, recorded 11.2 percent viewership, according to the Nielsen Korea data obtained by Yonhap News.

Failing to beat “Fight For My Way,” “My Sassy Girl” ranked second in the ratings race. In third place was MBC TV series “Lookout.”

“My Sassy Girl” is a remake of the 2001 movie of the same name. The TV series adaptation is based in a Joseon-era setting and recently aired in a new format, a one-hour regular TV episode split into two half-hour airings with ads inserted in between.

The 15th episode of the “My Sassy Girl” series recorded 8.3 percent viewership. Its 16th episode did better with 10.3 percent.

For “Lookout,” the 19th episode recorded 8.5 percent. The 20th episode performed a little bit better with 8.6 percent.

“Lookout” was written by Kim Soo Eun and directed by Son Hyeong Sok. It stars Lee Si Young, Kim Young Hwang, Kim Tae Hoon, Kim Seul Gi and Key.

The main cast of the “My Sassy Girl” series includes Joo Won, Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Jung Shin and Kim Yoon Hye. Their respective characters are Gyeon Woo, Princess Hye Myung, Kang Joon Young and Jung Da Yeon.

Among the actors playing supporting characters in “My Sassy Girl” is the late Yoon So Jung, who plays Dowager Queen Jahye. At the age of 74, the actress passed away on June 16 due to septicemia or blood poisoning, her agency Popeye Entertainment said in a statement obtained by Soompi.

As for “Fight For My Way,” Park and Ji Won are joined by Ahn Jae Hong and Song Ha Yoon in the main cast. Kwak Si Yang is set to make a cameo appearance in the 11th episode of the KBS2 series.

(photo from YouTube/KBS World TV)

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