Floral dress tips: Kate Bosworth wears Brock Collection dress, Tabitha Simmons shoes

Looking for a floral dress can be time-consuming because one design that looks good for a certain occasion may look awkward for another. One of the celebrities who recently wore one was Sam Riley’s “SS-GB” co-star Kate Bosworth.

Those who are looking for floral dress tips may consider what Bosworth wore on June 23, Friday, at the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs, California. She attended a conversation event at the 2017 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, Just Jared reported.

Bosworth is serving on the jury of the 2017 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films. Here are two fashion items she wore during the conversation event:

  1. Brock Collection dress

The light colors of the dress nicely matched Bossworth’s blonde hair. It accentuated the look of a simple and sweet woman that she is.

The dress was from a luxury womenswear label founded by design duo Laura Vassar and Kristopher Brock in 2013. More floral dresses are available on the Brock Collection website.

  1. Tabitha Simmons shoes

Bossworth opted to balance the light colors of her dress with a dark-colored pair of shoes. The shoes she wore, along with many other designs, can be viewed on the Tabitha Simmons website.

On the small screen, Bossworth’s most recent role is Barbara Barga of “SS-GB.” On the big screen, she is set to star in the thriller film “The Domestis” opposite Tyler Hoechlin, who recently played Superman/Clark Kent in “Supergirl” Season 2.

(photo from Instagram/Kate Bossworth)

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