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6 Hollywood actors support Manny Pacquiao, slam boxing

Manny Pacquaio, Jeff Horn

Manny Pacquaio, Jeff Horn

Boxing fans all over the world were surprised when Jeff Horn defeated Manny Pacquiao at “Battle of Brisbane” on July 2, Sunday, via unanimous decision. At least six Hollywood actors immediately took to Twitter to slam the decision.

1. LL Cool J

James Todd Smith, who is professionally known as LL Cool J, is one of the top hyphenates in Hollywood. As an actor, he is set to reprise his role as Sam Hanna in “NCIS: Los Angeles,” which will premiere on CBS on Oct. 1.

LL Cool J was not happy about the turnout of the Horn and Pacquiao bout. For the rapper-author-host-actor, the Filipino boxer was robbed.

“Boxing needs to figure out a new way of judging these fights,” LL Cool J tweeted. “this pac man fight was a pure robbery.”

2. Donnie Wahlberg

Like LL Cool J, Wahlberg is a top Hollywood hyphenate. About “Battled of Brisbane,” the singer-actor known for his role as Det. Danny Reagan in “Blue Bloods” tweeted, “Got off stage, turned on #PacquaioHorn fight on @espn, instead of a fight I see #PacMan get robbed on live TV and nobody even got arrested?!

3. Michael Rapaport

Rapaport is another Hollywood hyphenate angered by Horn’s win over Pacquiao. The actor-host-director-comedian, who played Don Self in “Prison Break,” tweeted, “Homeboy have some respect for yourself and admit you lost this fight #PacHorn Shame Shame Shame Shame on boxing.”

4. Marlon Wayans

Wayans is a Hollywood hyphenate, as well. The actor-comedian-writer, who is set to star in the Netflix film “Naked,” slammed “Battle of Brisbane” judges Chris Flores, Ramon Cerdan and Waleska Roldan.

“Dear boxing, this is an atrocity,” Wayans tweeted. “What fight were the judges watching?????!!!!”

5. Samuel L. Jackson
Obviously, Jackson was very mad that Pacquiao lost to Horn. The Academy Award-nominated actor, who is set to reprise his role as Nickk Gury in “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Captain Marvel,” declared the Filipino boxer the winner of “Battle of Brisbane” in his tweet.

6. Kirk Acevedo

Acevedo is so mad about the “Battle of Brisbane” decision that he even described it as a disgusting one. The actor, who is set to star in “Insidious: Chapter 4,”

“Wow! That was a horrendous decision!” Acevedo tweeted. “Highway robbery NO WAY #JeffHorn won that fight against @mannypacquiao Disgusting decision! SPEECHLESS.”

Other personalities who tweeted about “Battle of Brisbane” were Christine Barnum and Sean Kent. The former appeared on “Tattoos After Dark” while the latter is a stand-up comic who appeared on “Last Comic Standing.”

“Tonight goes down in history as the day ADULTS started winning championship belts for great participation over master skills,” Barnum tweeted. In Kent’s tweet, he simply wrote, “This is why boxing is St.”

 (photo from Facebook/Manny Pacquiao)

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