‘DMZ, the Wild’ host Lee Min Ho can’t call himself handsome?

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho

It appears that it is not easy for Lee Min Ho to describe himself as a good-looking person, especially if it is part of a TV show. Viewers of “DMZ, the Wild” recently watched how the South Korean superstar handled a script requiring him to do this.

Lee’s fans prepared themselves when since his military enlistment was confirmed and they were thankful that they still got to see him on the small screen through “DMZ, the Wild.” However, the MBC documentary series just ended and his fans should be ready to not see him on TV for a long time.

Presented by Lee, “DMZ, the Wild” premiered on April 3 on MBC. This was more than one month before the actor started his mandatory military service as a public service officer at Gangnam District Office in Seoul, South Korea.

Written by Park Min Jung and directed by Kim Jin Man, Kim Jung Min and Cho Sung Hyun, “DMZ, the Wild” was aired in five parts. The last episode, which was 100 minutes long, aired on July 22 at 11:15 p.m.

In 100 minutes, viewers saw some unreleased “DMZ, the Wild” footage of Lee while filming the documentary series in the final episode. As the epilogue, the fifth episode showed some of the most important scenes from the first four episodes.

In the “DMZ, the Wild” finale, viewers saw scenes from Lee’s narration recording for the documentary series. There were times when the actor-singer made mistakes reading the script written to call himself handsome.

“DMZ, the Wild” showed the wild life inside the demilitarized zone (DMZ), a four-kilometer-wide area that separates North Korea from South Korea. The last episode of the series showed how Lee struggled to make fried tofu rice balls to treat the staff to dinner.

Lee spent 18 months to film “DMZ, the Wild.” On July 10, a photo book titled “DMZ, The Records of 500 Days” was released to showcase pictures taken during the filming.

“The photo book includes images of Lee’s decision to join the documentary project alongside his active participation in the production,” Lee’s agency MYM Entertainment said in a statement obtained by Yonhap News. Hosted by the agency, an exhibit of Lee’s photos at MBC TV’s headquarters in northwestern Seoul started on July 7 and will end on Aug. 31.

The last drama series Lee starred in was “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” Also starring Jun Ji Hyun, the TV series aired on SBS from Nov. 16, 2016 to Jan. 25.

(photo from Facebook/Lee Minho (이민호))

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