Blade, forever love, Alzheimer’s? Boots Anson Roa, Freddie Webb star in ‘TLS: Memoirs of Timog’

Boots Anson Roa, Conan Altatis, Roderick Lindayag

Boots Anson Roa, Conan Altatis, Roderick Lindayag

Putting together the traditional belief that love is forever, the reality of Alzheimer’s disease and Blade, the Philippines’ biggest chain of car accessories shops, is a brilliant idea. It is so brilliant that it will be turned into a movie titled “TLS: Memoirs of Timog” starring two of the most experienced Filipino actors.

Boots Anson Roa, 72, and Freddie Webb, 74, will star in “TLS: Memoirs of Timog,” which will be produced by Blade and Utmost Creatives. It is a romantic musical drama film to be helmed by first-time full-length film director Roderick Lindayag, who has been directing TV shows for years.

The acronym in the title of the film stands for the Filipino words tuwa (joy), luha (tears) and saya (happiness). The story revolves around a woman with an Alzheimer’s disease played by Roa and the love of her life played by Webb.

Mario Gatdula Alaman, one of the producers of “TLS: Memoirs of Timog,” was the man behind the story of the film but the screenplay was written by Nick Harvie Aquino. The project also marks the first full-length film of the screenwriter.

Michelle Vito, 19, and Jon Lucas, 21, will play the younger versions of Roa and Webb’s characters, respectively. The younger characters will be in the parts of the story set in the 1970s.

Roa, Webb, Vito and Lucas attended the story conference of the film on July 16, Sunday, at Uncle Cheffy in SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, along with their co-actors Akihiro Blanco, Garie Concepcion and Edmund Dreu Santiago, who is also the art director. Lindayag, Alaman, Aquino and Blade Auto Center marketing manager Albert Go were present, as well.

I had the opportunity to interview the director, the screenwriter, some of the producers and the actors present during the “TLS: Memoirs of Timog” story conference except Webb. In my interview with Roa and Lindayag, I asked them about their thoughts on the mainstream and indie labels on Filipino films.

For the most part, mainstream and indie movies are just the same, according to Roa. She added that she was impressed by how the crew of “TLS: Memoirs of Timog,” an indie film, were keeping things organized.

Lindayag pointed out that there is no longer a line between mainstream and indie movies. He also expressed his gratitude to producers who are giving filmmakers like him opportunities to create films like “TLS: Memoirs of Timog.”

It was the first time for the “TLS: Memoirs of Timog” actors to hear the story of the film in detail. Without giving spoilers, all I can divulge is that it has something to do with selective loss of memory, forever love and Blade.

Among the “TLS: Memoirs of Timog” actors who were not present during the story conference were PJ Abellana, Arthur Solinap and DJ Durano. Principal photography for the film will start on July 23, Sunday, at the Blade Auto Center in Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

Watch my full interview with Roa and Lindayag here:


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