[VIDEO] 10 ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Windows Edition features

Final Fantasy XV (Final Fantasy XV/Facebook)

Final Fantasy XV (Final Fantasy XV/Facebook)

“Final Fantasy XV” will be released on PC in 2018, more than one year after its release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Expected for Windows 10, Steam and Origin, the PC version will include all DLC released for the hit console game so far.

“With the help of Nvidia, we are creating a stunning visual experience,” The Verge quoted “Final Fantasy XV” director Hajime Tabata as saying during a press conference by Nvidia at Gamescom in Germany on Aug. 21, Monday. He added that this visual experience is “one worthy of this beloved franchise.”

The gameplay is officially called “Final Fantasy XV” Windows Edition. Here are 10 of the things it will feature:

  1. realistic turf
  2. advanced shadow algorithms
  3. advanced grass simulation
  4. advanced hair simulation
  5. combustible fluid, fire, and smoke simulation
  6. 4K high-resolution textures
  7. HDR display
  8. Ansel screenshots
  9. Dolby Atmos sound
  10. high-quality ambient occlusion

The grass and hair became more realistic because of Turf Effects and Hairworks, respectively, while the shadow algorithms are made advanced by Nvidia HFTS, according to Ars Technica. The smoke and fire effects are physics-based, thanks to Nvidia Flow.

What makes the placement of sound effects above and behind the listener more accurate with a proper setup is the Dolby Atmos. It is the Nvidia XVAO Ambient Occlusion that controls how much light is needed on each object.

Throughout the game, players can screenshot 360-degree high-resolution images up to 63360 x 35640. They can play in first-person perspective, as well.

For this gameplay, Nvidia has collaborated with publisher Square Enix, the video game company behind the “Final Fantasy” series. Their collaboration will include ShadowPlay Highlights, a feature that enables players to automatically record gameplay, edit the videos and upload them to YouTube and other sites.

To update the gameplay as needed, Nvidia has provided Square Enix with developer tools and source code. The announcement on the “Final Fantasy XV” Windows Edition’s price and system requirements has yet to be made.

Here is the official trailer of “Final Fantasy XV” Windows Edition:


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