Women’s casual wear: Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend Suzy wears black Guess sweater, blue jeans, red high heels

The colors black, blue and red are a good combination for women’s casual wear. One good example is an ensemble worn by Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend Bae Suzy, who is mononymously known as Suzy.

Aside from acting and singing, Suzy is also into fashion. On Aug. 26, Saturday, the K-pop girl group miss A member took to Instagram to share a photo of herself wearing a black Guess sweater with blue jeans. She completed the outfit with red high heels.

Suzy’s Guess outfit proves that wearing a casual wear should go along with light makeup. Simple earrings may also be added to complement the black sweater.

For those who want to emphasize their earrings, they should wear black shoes instead of red high heels. In the ensemble worn by Suzy, the pair of red high heels is a standout so the earrings or other simple accessories may go unnoticed.

It has yet to be seen whether or not Suzy will be wearing Guess outfits in her upcoming TV series titled “While You Were Sleeping.” On the show, her character is a 29-year-old unemployed journalist who still lives with her mother.

Set to premiere on SBS on Sept. 27, “While You Were Sleeping” was written by Park Hye Run and directed by Oh Choong Hwan. Among Suzy’s co-stars are Lee Jong Suk Lee Sang Yeob, Jung Hae In, Kim Min Jae, Park Jin Joo, Min Sung Wook, Ko Sung Hee, Shin Jae Ha, Kim Won Hae, Jang Hyun Sung, Um Hyo Sup, Pro Ye Jin and Oh Eui Sik.

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