‘Wildflower’ stars Maja Salvador, Aiko Melendez are soulmates?

Conan Altatis, Aiko Melendez

Conan Altatis, Aiko Melendez

Airing on ABS-CBN Mondays-Fridays before “TV Patrol,” “Wildflower” is one of the most popular Filipino TV shows of today. It stars Maja Salvador and Aiko Melendez as the main protagonist and the main antagonist, respectively.

During an interview on Aug. 24 in Limbaga 77 Café Restaurant, I asked Melendez how she and Salvador prepare for their big scenes on “Wildflower.” Melendez said she felt blessed to work with Salvador because they were like soulmates.

The main actresses of “Wildflower” apparently have many things in common. According to Melendez, the moment she and Salvador look each other in the eye, they seem to be able to read each other’s minds.

“It’s easy to work with Maja,” Melendez said. She added that she has so much respect for her “Wildflower” co-star because she knows what she is doing.

Moreover, Melendez was impressed by Salvador’s photographic memory. According to the former, the latter is even adept when it comes to remembering the continuity of her character’s nail polish.

In one of the big scenes of “Wildflower,” both Melendez and Salvador were wearing high heels. The scene was a catfight between their respective characters Emilia Ardiente-Torillo and Ivy Aguas involving a big cake.

Melendez and Salvador both slipped through the cake while doing the catfight scene. Salvador’s nails accidently poked one of Melendez’s eyes but the latter did not immediately feel the pain notice probably because of the adrenaline rush at the moment, as she said.

It was their co-star Wendell Ramos who noticed that there was a small blood clot in one of Melendez’s eyes, particularly in the cornea, so she was rushed to the hospital. Salvador felt so bad that she cried a lot but Melendez emphasized that it was just an accident so she did not blame her co-star at all.

Still, Melendez was grateful that the accident did not lead to a serious injury. Watch a clip from my interview with the “Wildflower” actress here:

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