Eminem, John Legend collaboration song about Donald Trump?

If Marshall Bruce “Eminem” Mathers III and John Legend work on a project, it should be a collaboration song about Donald Trump. The two musicians are among the most recent celebrities vocally expressing their opposition against the current president of the United States.

Eminem slammed Trump during his sets at Glasgow Summer Sessions and the Reading Festival. On Aug. 24, the “Rap God” rapper told the crowd of 35,000 in Glasgow that “Scotland might have to be our new home” and explained that it was not going so well in the U.S., Detroit Free Press quoted him as saying.

On Aug. 26, Eminem slammed Trump again in front of more than 80,000 audience members in Reading, England. The Detroit rapper told the crowd that he did not want to cause any controversy but he just could not stand the president of the U.S.

John Legend (John Legend/Facebook)

John Legend (John Legend/Facebook)

Similarly, Legend did not hesitate to express why is against Trump in a recent interview with The Guardian. The husband of Chrissy Teigen told the publication, “I think Trump is an embarrassment to the country and his approval rating is terrible.”

Legend described Trump as an entertainer “in a New York way” and “a liar” who talks about the entertainment business because he rose through it. The “All of Me” singer explained that when the U.S. president is criticizing something, he is usually projecting.

“He talks about people being corrupt because he is corrupt,” Legend said of Trump. “He talks about people being violent because he encourages violence, so he’s usually projecting when he criticizes someone.”

For Legend, artists are more liberal than the average population by constitution and disposition. They tend to want progress and have “worlds that are more diverse maybe than the average person,” he added.

Meanwhile, here is the music video of “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” by Legend featuring Christopher Brian “Ludacris” Bridges:

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