Miss International 2017 results: Philippines’ Kylie Versoza crowns successor in Japan

Kylie Versoza (Instagram/Kylie Versoza)

Kylie Versoza (Instagram/Kylie Versoza)


  • Beauty Pageant: Miss International 2017
  • Edition: 57th
  • Date: November 14, 2017
  • Venue: Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan
  • Number of Contestants: 69
  • Presenters: Tetsuya Bessho, Amy Ota



  • Miss International 2016: Miss Philippines Kylie Versoza
  • First Runner-up: Miss Australia Alexandra Britton
  • Second Runner-up: Miss Indonesia Felicia Huang
  • Third Runner-up: Miss Nicaragua Brianny Chamorro
  • Fourth Runner-up: Miss United States Kaitryana Leinbach
  • Miss International Africa 2016: Miss Sierra Leone Maseray Swarray
  • Miss International America 2016: Miss Ecuador Ivanna Abad
  • Miss International Asia 2016: Miss Hong Kong Kelly Chan
  • Miss International Europe 2016: Miss Netherlands Melissa Scherpen
  • Miss International Oceania 2016: Miss Hawaii Guinevere Davenport



  • Miss National Costume: Miss Japan Natsui Tsutsui
  • Miss Perfect Body: Miss Australia Amber Dew
  • Best Dresser: Miss Indonesia Kevin Lilliana

TOP 15

(in order of announcement)

  1. Miss Curacao Chanelle De Lau
  2. Miss Venezuela Diana Croce
  3. Miss Slovakia Petra Varaliova
  4. Miss United Kingdom Ashley Powell
  5. Miss Ghana Abigail Martey
  6. Miss Honduras Vanessa Villars
  7. Miss Japan Natsui Tsutsui
  8. Miss Ecuador Jocelyn Mieles
  9. Miss Finland Pihla Koivuniemi
  10. Miss Laos Phousnesup Phonnyotha
  11. Miss Indonesia Kevin Lilliana
  12. Miss Panama Darelys Santos
  13. Miss Thailand Ratiyaporn Chookaew
  14. Miss Australia Amber Dew
  15. Miss South Africa Tayla Skye Robinson



(in order of announcement)

  1. Miss Curacao Chanelle De Lau
  2. Miss Ecuador Jocelyn Mieles
  3. Miss Japan Natsui Tsutsui
  4. Miss Laos Phousnesup Phonnyotha
  5. Miss United Kingdom Ashley Powell
  6. Miss Venezuela Diana Croce
  7. Miss Indonesia Kevin Lilliana
  8. Miss Australia Amber Dew




  • Miss International Asia: Miss Korea Seung Woo Nam
  • Miss International Europe: Miss United Kingdom Ashley Powell
  • Miss International America: Miss Bolivia Carla Maldonado
  • Miss International Africa: Miss Ghana Abigail Martey
  • Miss International Oceania: Miss New Zealand Michelle Isemonger



  • Fourth Runner-up: Miss Japan Natsui Tsutsui
  • Third Runner-up: Miss Australia Amber Dew
  • Second Runner-up: Miss Venezuela Diana Croce
  • First Runner-up: Miss Curacao Chanelle De Lau
  • Miss International 2017: Miss Indonesia Kevin Lilliana


Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza, Miss International 2017 Kevin Lilliana

Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza, Miss International 2017 Kevin Lilliana (YouTube/Miss International Official)



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