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23 Miss Universe 2017 candidates from North America

Raquel Pelissier

Raquel Pelissier

There are 23 countries from North America represented at the Miss Universe 2017 beauty pageant. The grand coronation night will take place on Nov. 26, Sunday, at The AXIS in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere of France is set to pass her crown to her successor. Here are the 23 candidates from North America who are among those in the running to be her successor:

  1. Miss Aruba Alina Mansur
  2. Miss Bahamas Yasmine Cooke
  3. Miss Barbados Lesley Chapman
  4. Miss British Virgin Islands Khephra Sylvester
  5. Miss Canada Lauren Howe
  6. Miss Cayman Islands Anika Conolly
  7. Miss Costa Rica Elena Correa
  8. Miss Curacao Nashaira Balentien
  9. Miss Dominican Republic Carmen Muñoz
  10. Miss El Salvador Alisson Abarca
  11. Miss Guam Myana Welch
  12. Miss Guatemala Isel Suñiga
  13. Miss Haiti Cassandra Chery
  14. Miss Honduras April Tobie
  15. Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett
  16. Miss Mexico Denisse Franco
  17. Miss Nicaragua Berenice Quezada
  18. Miss Panama Laura de Sanctis
  19. Miss Puerto Rico Danna Hernandez
  20. Miss Saint Lucia Louise Victor
  21. Miss Trinidad and Tobago Yvonne Clarke
  22. Miss United States Kara McCullough
  23. Miss U.S. Virgin Islands Esonica Veira

In 2016, the Miss Universe candidates from North America performed very well. Runner-up to Mittenaere was Raquel Pelissier of Haiti.

Laura de Sanctis of Panama made it to the Top 13 in Miss Universe 2016. Siera Bearchell, Kristal Silva and Deshauna Barber of Canada, Mexico and the United States, respectively, made it to the Top 9.


Who do you think will win Miss Universe 2017? Let us know by commenting below.

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