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25 Miss Universe 2017 candidates from Europe

Iris Mittenaere

Iris Mittenaere

On Nov. 26, Sunday, 92 women representing different countries will hit the stage at The AXIS in Las Vegas, Nevada for the Miss World 2017 grand coronation. One of them will be crowned as successor of Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere of France.

The reigning Miss Universe 2016 is from Europe. Here are the 25 candidates from Europe who are vying for the Miss Universe 2017 crown:

  1. Miss Albania Blerta Leka
  2. Miss Austria Celine Schrenk
  3. Miss Belgium Liesbeth Claus
  4. Miss Bulgaria Nikoleta Todorova
  5. Miss Croatia Shanaelle Petty
  6. Miss Czech Republic Michaela Habanova
  7. Miss Finland Michael Soderholm
  8. Miss France Alicia Aylies
  9. Miss Germany Sophia Koch
  10. Miss Great Britain Anna Burdzy
  11. Miss Iceland Arna Yr Jonsdottir
  12. Miss Ireland Cailin Toibin
  13. Miss Italy Maria Polverino
  14. Miss Malta Tiffany Pisani
  15. Miss Netherlands Nicky Opheij
  16. Miss Norway Kaja Kojan
  17. Miss Poland Katarzyna Wlodarek
  18. Miss Portugal Matilde Lima
  19. Miss Romania Ioana Mihalache
  20. Miss Russia Ksenia Alexandrova
  21. Miss Slovakia Vanessa Bottanova
  22. Miss Slovenia Emina Ekic
  23. Miss Spain Sofia del Prado
  24. Miss Sweden Frida Fornander
  25. Miss Ukraine Yana Krasnikova

Mittenaere is the second woman from France to win Miss Universe. The first one was Christiane Martel, who was crowned in 1953.

The country with the most Miss Universe crowns is the United States with eight followed by Venezuela with seven and Puerto Rico with five. Both the Philippines and Sweden have three.

Like France, Finland also has two Miss Universe crowns. Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Australia, India, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand and Brazil have two crowns each, as well.

Who do you think will win Miss Universe 2017? Let us know by commenting below.

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