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Mister World 2018 candidates: Rohit Khandelwal’s successor is…

Manushi Chhillar, Rohit Khandelwal

Manushi Chhillar, Rohit Khandelwal (Facebook/Rohit Khandewal)

The Mister World 2018 grand coronation night will take place in London, England . It will be the 10th edition of the international male beauty pageant.

Mister World 2016 Rohit Khandelwal of India will crown his successor either in May or June of 2018. On Nov. 18, he served as one of the judges of Miss World 2017, which was won by his fellow Indian Manushi Chhillar.

At Mister World 2018,ย 50 candidates are expected to join. Some of them have been announced while other participating countries have yet to conduct their national pageants.

  1. Mister Argentina Thomas Lietti
  2. Mister Austria Alberto Nodale
  3. Mister Bangladesh
  4. Mister Bolivia
  5. Mister Bulgaria
  6. Mister Brazil Carlos Franco
  7. Mister Canada
  8. Mister Chile
  9. Mister China
  10. Mister Costa Rica
  11. Mister Curacao
  12. Mister Denmark
  13. Mister Dominican Republic Alejandro Martinez
  14. Mister El Salvador
  15. Mister England Jack Eyers
  16. Mister France
  17. Mister Germany Leo Gjugja
  18. Mister Ghana
  19. Mister Greece
  20. Mister Guadeloupe
  21. Mister Honduras
  22. Mister India Vishnu Raj Menon
  23. Mister Ireland
  24. Mister Italy
  25. Mister Japan
  26. Mister Kenya
  27. Mister Korea
  28. Mister Malaysia Anthony Tan
  29. Mister Malta
  30. Mister Mauritius Alexandre Curpanen
  31. Mister Mexico Brian Faugier
  32. Mister Moldova
  33. Mister Nepal Akshay Jung Rayamajhi
  34. Mister Nicaragua Jose Antonio Vallejos
  35. Mister Nigeria
  36. Mister Northern Ireland
  37. Mister Panama
  38. Mister Peru Jesus Becerra
  39. Mister Philippines
  40. Mister Poland Jakub Kucner
  41. Mister Puerto Rico
  42. Mister Romania
  43. Mister Scotland
  44. Mister South Africa
  45. Mister Spain
  46. Mister Sri Lanka
  47. Mister Sweden Adam El-Mallah
  48. Mister Switzerland Alessio Costantini
  49. Mister United States
  50. Mister Wales


UPDATED: November 27, 2017


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