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Top 13 Miss Universe 2017 Best in Evening Gown

On Nov. 15, Saturday, 92 women from around the world competed on stage in their evening gowns during the Miss Universe 2017 preliminary competition at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. If there were a Best in Evening Gown award in the competition, these 13 candidates would be our top picks:


13. Miss Cambodia By Sotheary


12. Miss Colombia Laura González

Laura González

Laura González (Facebook/Miss Universe)


11. Miss Korea Cho SeWhee 


10. Miss Myanmar Zun Than Sin

Zun Than Sin

Zun Than Sin (Facebook/Miss Universe)


9. Miss Tanzania Lilian Ericaah Maraule

Lilian Ericaah Maraule

Lilian Ericaah Maraule (Facebook/Miss Universe)


8. Miss Peru Prissila Howard

Prissila Howard

Prissila Howard (Facebook/Miss Universe)


7. Miss Laos Souphaphone Somvichith

Souphaphone Somvichith

Souphaphone Somvichith (Facebook/Miss Universe)


6. Miss Brazil Monalysa Alcântara 

Monalysa Alcântara

Monalysa Alcântara (Facebook/Miss Universe)


5. Miss Indonesia Bunga Jelitha

Bunga Jelitha

Bunga Jelitha (Facebook/Miss Universe)


4. Miss Nicaragua Berenice Quezada

Berenice Quezada

Berenice Quezada (Facebook/Miss Universe)


3. Miss Mexico Denisse Franco

Denisse Franco

Denisse Franco (Facebook/Miss Universe)


2. Miss Thailand Maria Poonlertlarp

Maria Poonlertlarp

Maria Poonlertlarp (Facebook/Miss Universe)


1. Miss Philippines Rachel Peters 

Rachel Peters

Rachel Peters (Facebook/Miss Universe)

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