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Mister Ocean-Siberia 2017 Artem Tatarčuk, a lovely, young man with a purpose

Artem Tatarčuk (Artem Tatarčuk)

Artem Tatarčuk (Artem Tatarčuk)

At the age of 19, Artem Tatarčuk was one of the youngest candidates at Mister Ocean 2017. He represented his home country Siberia and competed against 48 other candidates from around the world at the international male beauty pageant hosted by Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

“I was happy to represent my country,” Tatarčuk said in a statement exclusively obtained by Conan Daily. He acknowledged that the beauty pageant helped him not only make friends from different countries but also understand different cultures.

As a university sophomore studying International Relations, Tatarčuk believes that his experience from Mister Ocean 2017 is beneficial to his future profession. Now, he is developing an aid program that will benefit disabled people worldwide.

For Tatarčuk, this is very important because disabled people need support and deserve to be happy. He believes that his fellow Mister Ocean 2017 alums will help him and together, they will do good works for the whole world.

One of the things Tatarčuk enjoyed during the Mister Ocean 2017 competition was how the people complimented him on his lovely teenage appearance. But the part of the competition that is most unforgettable for him is the talent portion.

The Best Talent award was given to Mister France Victor Simon Andrea Lombardi. Mister Malaysia Christopher Yun Lin Lee was first runner-up in the talent competition while Mister Tonga Benji Sellick and Mister Cote d’Ivoire Paul-abraham Kobieni tied as second runner-up.

Lee was one of the Mister Ocean 2017 candidates Tatarčuk felt closest to along with Mister Romania Geany-Daniel Zamfir, Mister Indonesia Rio Chen, Mister North Cyprus Ahmet Gargi and Mister Belarus Seniuts Igor. The representative from Siberia said Lee, Zamfir, Chen, Gargi and Igor supported him in everything and he misses them very much.

Rio Chen, Artem Tatarčuk (Artem Tatarčuk)

Rio Chen, Artem Tatarčuk (Artem Tatarčuk)

Zamfir finished fifth overall. Mister Bosnia and Herzegovina Ermin Poturak bagged the Mister Ocean 2017 title while Mister Montenegro Marko Rogac, Mister Japan Ryo Arizumi and Mister Peru Ronald Freddy Mayorga Peixoto finished second, third and fifth, respectively.

Geany-Daniel Zamfir, Artem Tatarčuk (Artem Tatarčuk)

Geany-Daniel Zamfir, Artem Tatarčuk (Artem Tatarčuk)

Despite not receiving an award from the talent competition, Tatarčuk did enjoy it and he has great reasons to keep the experience in his memory for good. He said, “I was happy that everyone liked my dance and they all smiled and clapped for me.”

Tatarčuk thanked the organizers of Mister Ocean 2017 for the chance they gave him and promised that he has remembered all their words and pieces of advice. While working on himself, he is looking forward to meeting his newfound friends again at other competitions.

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