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The favorite Mister Ocean 2017 memory of Botswana’s Moreetsi Alex RJ Bosupeng

Moreetsi Alex RJ Bosupeng (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

Moreetsi Alex RJ Bosupeng (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

Moreetsi Alex RJ Bosupeng represented Bostwana at Mister Ocean 2017 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in November. He was not able to bring home the title but he has good reasons to keep his experience from the international male beauty pageant in his memory forever.

“I may say the whole trip was memorable because it was my first time in life to be in international stage with a flight on top of that,” Bosupeng told Conan Daily in a statement. For him, his most memorable experience from Mister Ocean 2017 was the time they visited the beach and the ocean in Taiwan.

While in Kaohsiung, Bosupeng made new friends and the candidates he was very close to were Mister Lithuania Dziugas Baltrusaitis and Mister Dominican Republic Argenis Grullón. The Mister Ocean 2017 candidate from Botswana said he, Baltrusaitis and Grullón were like brothers who have known each other for a long time.

Bosupeng, Baltrusaitis and Grullón did not make it to the Mister Ocean 2017 semi-finals. But the prize they took home after the competition is priceless, the friendship they have forged behind their differences in language and culture.

All good things do come to an end and so did Mister Ocean 2017. On Nov. 24, the competition culminated during the coronation night when the 49 candidates were whittled down to 17 semi-finalists to five winners.

The Mister Ocean 2017 title was given to Mister Bosnia and Herzegovina Ermin Poturak. Mister Montenegro Marko Rogac was runner-up to Poturak while Mister Japan Ryo Arizumi, Mister Romania Geany-Daniel Zamfir and Mister Peru Ronald Freddy Mayorga Peixoto were the respective second, third and fourth runners-up.

Not winning the title was not the sad part for Bosupeng. For him, it was the moment when he and the 48 other Mister Ocean 2017 candidates had to part ways back to their respective countries.

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