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Mister Ocean-Dominican Republic 2017 Argenis Grullón on taking care of the ocean

Argenis Grullón (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

Argenis Grullón (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

Having represented Dominican Republic in Mister Ocean 2017, Argenis Grullón is dedicated to doing his part to promote marine environment protection. The professional model recently shared his thoughts on the advocacy of the inaugural male beauty pageant hosted by Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

“As a delegate of Dominican Republic in Mister Ocean, I will represent the integral beauty of the classic man with a modern touch,” Grullón said in a statement obtained by Conan Daily, which was translated from Spanish to English. Such a man, he explained, does not leave behind the elegance and personality that he possesses as he shows with certainty his capacity of being the image of marine environment protection.

For Grullón, the most memorable experience he had at the Mister Ocean 2017 competition in Taiwan was meeting 48 other men. While they are from different countries, they had the same dream, he pointed out.

“We can change the world and at the same time become a direct representative before institutions that represent changes,” Grullón said. He added that he can accomplish this goal by using his talent to raise funds and support missions to protect the environment and the ocean.

“As a goodwill ambassador, I will contribute to the extensive promulgation of the goal to save, protect and take care of our environment and the oceans,” the Dominican model asserted. “In addition to expanding the work of the institutions that support this goal, I have accepted the task to offer my talent and international recognition to raise awareness about this cause in the world.”

Grullón is willing to contribute significantly to promote socio-cultural activities that protect and save the environment and the ocean. He concluded, “I want to use my passion to attract the attention of the public and to focus on the needs of our environment and the care of the oceans both for my country and other countries in the world.”

Among the Mister Ocean 2017 candidates, Grullón said he felt closest to Mister Thailand Jessadakorn Srilipornkhet. The candidates stayed in Taiwan for several days until Mister Bosnia and Herzegovina Ermin Poturak was declared the winner on Nov. 24.

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