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How Mister Ocean-Nigeria 2017 Ayoola Olatunde’s vision changed

Ayoola Olatunde (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

Ayoola Olatunde (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

Ayoola Olatunde was one of the 49 men from different countries and territories who spent two weeks n Kaohsiung, Taiwan in November to compete for the Mister Ocean 2017 title. He represented his home country Nigeria in the inaugural male beauty pageant.

For Olatunde, the part of the Mister Ocean 2017 that he remembers most is meeting new people whom he learnt to know much better day by day during his stay in Taiwan. In a statement exclusively obtained by Conan Daily, he admitted how his vision changed once he arrived in Taiwan for the competition.

“At first, before going to this competition, I was going for myself only and not thinking about wanting to know others,” Olatunde explained. “But getting there, everything changed.”

“The boys there were all amazing and it’s an honour competing with them!” Olatunde said of his fellow Mister Ocean 2017 candidates. “They are all friends and some are brothers from another mother now.”

Apparently, Olatunde made so many friends during the competition that he could not pick just one if he had to. He said, “Among the fellow candidates, I can’t say I feel the closest to one person.”

Now back in Nigeria, Olatunde is looking forward to reuniting with his Mister Ocean 2017 brothers. He said, “We will surely meet again.”

The Mister Ocean 2017 competition culminated on Nov. 24. Mister Bosnia and Herzegovina Ermin Poturak was declared the winner with Mister Japan Ryo Arizumi, Mister Montenegro Margo Rogac, Mister Peru Ronald Freddy Mayorga Peixoto and Mister Romania Geany-Daniel Zamfir as the runners-up.

Olatunde did not make it to the semi-finals but he received a special award. He ranked third in the Best Body award next to Zamfir, who was runner-up to the winner of the special award, Mister Belarus Seniuts Igor.

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