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Mister Ocean 2017 made me strong: Laos’s Boy Xayaveth


The Mister Ocean 2017 pageant was the first competition joined by many of its candidates including Boy Xayaveth, 24. Representing his home country Laos, the model and singer-songwriter who stands 6 feet believes that the competition has helped him become a better person.

“It’s made me strong,” Xayaveth said of Mister Ocean 2017 in a statement exclusively obtained by CONAN Daily. He added that the inaugural male beauty pageant competition had helped him understand life even more.


Hailing from Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, Xayaveth said learning about the cultures of other countries is the most memorable experience he had from the competition. Since it was his first time to go to Taiwan, he learned a lot about the culture of the East Asian state that hosted the competition.

On November 24, 2017, Mister Bosnia and Herzegovina Ermin Poturak was named the first ever Mister Ocean in Kaohsiung, a special municipality in Taiwan facing Taiwan Strait. Prior to the coronation night, Poturak, Xayaveth and 47 other candidates stayed in Taiwan for several days and participated in various activities.

During those days, the candidates Xayaveth considered as his best friends were Mister Sweden Kim Philip Bohman and Mister Myanmar Thu Rain. The three of them did not make it to the semi-finals but Bohman won the Mister Friendship award.


According to Xayaveth, it was Bohman and Thu who he played and did activities with during their stay in Taiwan. The representative from Laos added that the representatives from Sweden and Myanmar helped him with everything during the competition.

Despite not winning the Mister Ocean 2017 title, Xayaveth did bring home something priceless. He not only made new friends but also learned life-changing lessons.

In Laos, Xayaveth was featured in a Pepsi ad and in WOW Magazine. Time will tell if he is destined to follow the footsteps of Ken Lo, Siluck Saysanasy, Steffinnie Phrommany and other people from Laos who made it to Hollywood.

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