‘Revival’ album: Eminem song ‘Bad Husband’ featuring X Ambassadors

Jimmy Kimmel with X Ambassadors (Facebook/X Ambassadors)

Jimmy Kimmel with X Ambassadors (Facebook/X Ambassadors)

X Ambassadors has yet to release a new studio album since 2015. On Dec. 5, Tuesday, it was confirmed that the rock band has recorded a collaboration song with Marshall Bruce “Eminem” Mathers, which is included in the Detroit rapper’s upcoming album.

The title of the collaboration song recorded by X Ambassadors and Eminem is “Bad Husband,” which is 4 minutes and 47 seconds long. The lyrics are available on Genius.

Produced by Alex Da Kid, “Bad Husband” is an apology song Eminem wrote for Kim Mathers. The title refers to the “Rap God” rapper himself and this is the first time he has written an apology to his former wife.

“Bad Husband” is one of the eight collaboration songs from “Revival,” the ninth studio album of Eminem scheduled to be released on Dec. 15. The album has 19 songs including “Walk of Water” featuring Beyonce Knowles, which was re co-written by the “Rap God” rapper and Skylar Grey.

One of the collaboration songs from “Revival” was recorded by Eminem and Grey titled “Tragic Endings.” The other collaboration songs from the album are “Need Me” featuring Pink, “Nowhere Fast” featuring Kehlani, “Like Home” featuring Alicia Keys and “River” featuring Ed Sheeran.

This is not the first time Eminem and X Ambassadors collaborated on a song. The band was featured in the Detroit rapper’s song “Wicked Ways” from his eighth studio album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” which was released on Nov. 5, 2013.

Originally known as Ambassadors, X Ambassadors has five members namely lead vocalist Sam Harris, lead guitarist Noah Feldshuh, keyboardist Casey Harris and drummers Adam Levin and Matthew Harris. The band has released two studio albums, which are “Litost” in 2012 and “VHS” in 2015.

“VHS” contained 20 songs. The album has three collaboration songs, which are “Fear” featuring Imagine Dragons, “Low Life” featuring Jamie N Commons and “Jungle” with Jamie N Commons.

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