Miss Tourism International 2017 predictions: Kamolrut Tanon, Karol Abarca, Nicolle Velez, Wendy Bella Omollo

On Dec. 6, Wednesday, 49 women from all over the world will compete for the Miss International Tourism 2017 title at Sunway Resort in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Here are the 10 candidates we think are likely to win the crown:


10. Miss Tourism Cyprus Roxana Senanayake


9. Miss Tourism Korea Kim Nayeon


8. Miss Tourism Egypt Heba Ahmed


7. Miss Tourism Latvia Karolina Matrosova


6. Miss Tourism Turkey Helen Gokcen


5. Miss Tourism Poland Maja Sieron


4. Miss Tourism Kenya Wendy Bella Omollo


3. Miss Tourism USA Nicolle Velez


2. Miss Tourism Costa Rica Karol Abarca


1. Miss Tourism Thailand Kamolrut Tanon


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