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Peru’s Ronald Mayorga Peixoto shares how his fellow Latinos in Mister Ocean 2017 helped him

Ronaldo Mayorga Peixoto (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

Ronaldo Mayorga Peixoto (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

Among the 49 Mister Ocean 2017 candidates, 13 were Latinos. One of them is Mister Peru Ronald Mayorga Peixoto, 26, who became the fourth runner-up.

Peixoto was the only Latino candidate who made it to the Top 5. He also won Best Tuxedo with Mister Spain Antonio Perez Vargas as his runner-up in the special award. “No fue una competencia facil,” (It was not a stress-free competition) Peixoto said in a statement exclusively obtained by Conan Daily. “Llegaron candidatos muy fuertes pero eso nunca significó rivalidad entre nosotros. Todos fuimos muy amigos.” (There were very competitive candidates but there never was rivalry among us. We were all very friendly to each other.) According to Peixoto, the first fellow Mister Ocean 2017 candidate he was in contact with was Mister Costa Rica Daniel Antonio Alfaro Barrantes, who also represented Costa Rica in Mister World 2016 but was unplaced. The Peruvian candidate revealed that the candidate from Costa Rica helped him process his visa for Taiwan.

“Así que cuando nos vimos en Taiwán ya nos conocíamos un poco,” (So when we saw each other in Taiwan we already knew each other a bit) Peixoto said of Barrantes. In Taiwan, Vargas and Mister Paraguay Jose Felix Morilla were among the first candidates Peixoto got close to in Taiwan.

“Luego con mi compañero de cuarto España a quien solía despertar casi a diario y con Paraguay que estaba realmente loco, fueron días muy divertidos con todos los latinos,” (Then with my roommate from Spain who I used to wake up with almost daily and with Paraguay, who was really crazy, the days with all the Latinos were fun) Peixoto recalled. He added that Mister USA Alex Fernando Cardin, who is Latino-American, was such a great help to all the Latino candidates because he served as the translator to all of them.

Peixoto thanked Mister Colombia Juan Camilo Uruena Castellanos, Mister Argentina Javier Palermo and Mister Honduras Gustavo Paiz Casasola who always showed camaraderie with everyone and a lot of attitude when taking pictures. Moreover, Peixoto thanked Barrantes and Mister Mexico Fernando Kolbeckc for their tips on makeup and catwalk, respectively, as well as Mister Venezuela Francisco Antonio Gil Riera and Mister Ecuador Adonis Cantante who laughed at everything.

Including Mister Brazil Igor Costa Alves and Mister Dominican Republic Argenis Grullón, the Latino candidates in Mister Ocean 2017 are noisy and inseparable, according to Peixoto. Such friends made the competition hassle-free and pleasant, the candidate from Peru said.

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