Lindsay Lohan dating Korean bodybuilder Je Yong Ha

Lindsay Lohan, 31, has been spending time with a Korean bodybuilder named Je Yong Ha, 29, which led to rumors that they are dating. Recently, the “Sick Note” actress’s manager Scott Carlsen responded to the rumors.

Carlsen simply told Bustle that Lohan was not dating Ha. The manager said, “They are only friends.”

Apparently, Lohan is currently single. Among the people romantically linked to her in the past are Aaron Carter, Wilmer Valderrama, Harry Morton, Calum Best, Riley Giles, Samantha Ronson and Egor Tabarasov.

In 2018, Lohan will join the cast of the British comedy series “Sick Note” Series 2. On the big screen, she is set to star in the crime horror film “The Shadow Within” with Charlotte Beckett and Gianni Capaldi.

Lohan has yet to release a statement about her relationship with Ha, who is a businessman who splits time between Seoul, Moscow and Dubai. Interestingly enough, when asked by Men’s Health how he met Lohan and whether or not they were together, he refused to give a concrete answer saying, “I can’t answer that. Sorry.”

Instead, Ha talked about lifting. The Korean bodybuilder told the publication that he trains his arms once a week and described his triceps as his weak point while calling his biceps huge and powerful.

Surprisingly, Ha does not follow a strict diet to maintain his muscles. He revealed that he just eats a lot of food including truffles, caviar, garlic, ginseng, abalone, oysters, pizza, burgers, noodles, any food with protein and anything from nature.

Aside from food, Ha also loves cars and dogs. When it comes to cars, he said Teslas may be faster but his favorite car brand is Bugatti because it is cheaper and less luxurious.

Just like Ha, his dog named Taeja, a Caucasian Ovcharka, is huge. According to the bodybuilder, Taeja eats nine whole chickens daily and more protein than he does.

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