Keaton Jones and celebrities his mom might have fooled

Jarrett Guarantano, Keaton Jones (Twitter/Jarrett Guarantano)

Jarrett Guarantano, Keaton Jones (Twitter/Jarrett Guarantano)

Thousands of people around the world rallied behind Keaton Jones, a middle schooler from Union County, Tennessee, when his mother Kimberly Jones took to Facebook to share a video of him tearfully explaining how painful it is for him to be bullied in school. The video has been taken down since netizens noticed that Kimberly has questionable Facebook posts in the past.

Kimberly was quick to take down the Facebook posts in question, including a photo of herself with the confederate flag and a rant against the Black Lives Matter movement. But even before the controversial mother was accused of being racist and an opportunist, several celebrities took to social media to express their support for Keaton including the following:

  1. Bernard Blake
  2. Cardi B
  3. Chris Evans
  4. Cole Swindell
  5. Dana White
  6. Demi Lovato
  7. Donald Trump Jr.
  8. Ed Asner
  9. Elizabeth Tulloch
  10. Enrique Iglesias
  11. Gal Gadot
  12. Hailee Steinfeld
  13. Jaimie Alexander
  14. Jarrett Guarantano
  15. Jennifer Lopez
  16. Joe Schilling
  17. Justin Bieber
  18. Katy Perry
  19. Kelsea Ballerini
  20. LeBron James
  21. Mark Hamill
  22. Mark Ruffalo
  23. Millie Bobby Brown
  24. Nickelback
  25. Nick Jonas
  26. Nick Stevenson
  27. Paige VanZant
  28. Ricky Martin
  29. Rihanna
  30. Snoop Dogg
  31. Terry Crews
  32. Tyler Young
  33. Zedd

Whether or not Kimberly is a racist mother willing to exploit her son for fame and profit has yet to be verified. But one thing is for sure; there are actors, musicians, sports stars, politicians and businessmen out there who are willing to use their celebrity to stand up against bullying through social media.

Here is a video of Keaton speaking about bullying after his video went viral:

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