Eminem’s ‘Chloraseptic’ collaborator Phresher: ‘Rap God’ rapper is my favorite rapper

Some hip hop music fans raised eyebrows when they found out that New York rapper Phresher is one of the collaborators of Eminem in the “Rap God” rapper’s ninth studio album “Revival.” Apparently, the two rappers are each other’s fan.

Phresher’s song “Wait a Minute” was remixed by Remy Ma and Eminem’s protégé 50 Cent and this is the song that made Eminem a fan of Phresher. Since the feeling is mutual, it led to a collaboration song from “Revival” titled “Chloraseptic.”

“Eminem is my favorite rapper,” Phresher told Complex. “I know he didn’t believe me when I told him but I was just so astonished. This was my moment to shine.”

When Eminem and Phresher were in the studio to record “Chloraseptic,” the two took the chance give compliments to each other. The latter said, “I was trying to tell him he was my favorite rapper, but I know that’s so cliché.”

Phresher said Eminem was giving him “so much props” but he did not want to talk about himself since he was trying to tell the “Rap God” rapper how he felt about him. For the New York rapper, it was an honor to hear how much the Detroit rapper respected what he was doing.

According to Phresher, “Chloraseptic” is about “just spitting.” He added that the song is “just awesome” and Eminem went crazy on it.

Produced by Mr. Porter and written by Eminem, “Chloraseptic” undoubtedly helped Phresher make a mark in the hip hop music industry. In a recent interview with Hip Hop DX, the New York rapper announced that he has a new mixtape titled “PH” to be released in January 2018.

Because of “Chloraseptic,” everybody is willing to work with Phresher, the latter told the publication. The New York rapper said the “Rap God” rapper has opened up a lot of doors for him.

Here is Phresher talking about Eminem, “Chloraseptic” and the “Revival” album, which will be released on Dec. 15, Friday:

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