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Miss Mermaid International 2017 results: France’s Ingrid Fabulet passed her crown to…


Ingrid Fabulet (Facebook/Ingrid Fabulet)

Ingrid Fabulet (Facebook/Ingrid Fabulet)


  • Beauty Pageant: Miss Mermaid International 2017
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Date: December 3, 2017
  • Venue: Sharm-el-Sheik, Sinai, Egypt



  • Miss Mermaid International 2016: Miss France Ingrid Fabulet
  • First Runner-up: Miss Switzerland Franziska Anneler
  • Second Runner-up: Miss USA Lauren Chu



  1. Miss Armenia Christina Cavas
  2. Miss Belgium Amber van Geert
  3. Miss Benelux Lien van Kets
  4. Miss Brazil Jacyelle Furtado
  5. Miss Egypt Isra al Plasi
  6. Miss England Laura Siddall
  7. Miss France Marie Potosniak
  8. Miss Georgia Anamaria Aleksandria B
  9. Miss Germany Janina Rath
  10. Miss Ghana Leana Efia Apenteng
  11. Miss Hungary Katarina Szakács
  12. Miss India Upasana Singh
  13. Miss Indian Ocean Kanu Parashar
  14. Miss Italy Laura Périllard
  15. Miss Mexico Brenda Gomez
  16. Miss Monaco Yoëlle Clémence Dorthe
  17. Miss Namibia Adri du Plessis
  18. Miss Nigeria Sharon O
  19. Miss North America Vanessa G
  20. Miss Scotland Rebecca Latto
  21. Miss Serbia Ivana Manevska
  22. Miss Singapore Tangia Titiana Tan
  23. Miss South Tyrol Claudia Rubner
  24. Miss St. Croix Jayda S
  25. Miss Sweden Linda Agren
  26. Miss Switzerland Justine Produit,
  27. Miss Thailand Desire Prathana
  28. Miss USA Chelsea Scalzo
  29. Miss Wales Bethan Mcauley



  • Second Runner-up: Miss South Tyrol Claudia Rubner
  • First Runner-up: Miss France Marie Potosniak
  • Miss Mermaid International 2017: Miss England Laura Siddall
Laura Siddall (Facebook/Laura Siddall)

Laura Siddall (Facebook/Laura Siddall)

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