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Mister Tourism World 2017 results: Okkar Min Aung passes his crown to…

  • Beauty Pageant: Mister Tourism World 2017
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Venue: National Theater, Yangon, Myanmar
  • Date: December 21, 2017


*This is an ongoing contest. Stay tuned. Refresh page for updates. 



  • Mister Tourism World 2016: Mister Myanmar Okkar Min Aung
  • First Runner-up: Mister Nepal Sangit Shrestha
  • Second Runner-up: Mister Brazil Tieze Emiliano
  • Third Runner-up: Mister Thailand Khunphan Supachok
  • Fourth Runner-up: Mister Philippines Kian Sumague
  • Mister Eco World 2016:  Mister Vietnam Mario Hien



  1. Mister Australia Bronson Johnson
  2. Mister Bolivia Gerardo Dennis Torrez Mendieta
  3. Mister Borneo Joshua Lennet
  4. Mister China Weijian Zhong
  5. Mister India Kunal Arora
  6. Mister Indonesia Rizky Ardie
  7. Mister Italy Ben Joseph Guevarra
  8. Mister Malaysia Joshua Benedict
  9. Mister Myanmar Aung Seng Htut Melvin
  10. Mister Nepal Pramesh Pant
  11. Mister Philippines Richard Angelo Adarlo
  12. Mister Sri Lanka Dulish Thennakone
  13. Mister Thailand Patiphan Tiraphanamphai
  14. Mister Vietnam Tran Manh Kiên (withdrawn)



  • Best Speaker: Mister Malaysia Joshua Benedict
  • Best Physique: Mister China Weijian Zhong
  • Best in Talent: Mister Sri Lanka Dulish Thennakone
  • Best Runway Model: Mister Vietnam Tran Manh Kiên
  • Mister Friendship: Mister Bolivia Gerardo Dennis Torrez Mendieta
  • Best in National Costume: Mister Myanmar Aung Seng Htut Melvin
  • 2nd Place, Best in National Costume: Mister Indonesia Rizky Ardie
  • Mister Popularity: Mister Myanmar Aung Seng Htut Melvin



  1. Mister Myanmar Aung Seng Htut Melvin
  2. Mister Malaysia Joshua Benedict
  3. Mister Borneo Joshua Lennet
  4. Mister Philippines Richard Angelo Adarlo
  5. Mister Italy Ben Joseph Guevarra
  6. Mister Indonesia Rizky Ardie
  7. Mister Thailand Patiphan Tiraphanamphai
  8. Mister China Weijian Zhong



  1. Mister Malaysia Joshua Benedict
  2. Mister Philippines Richard Angelo Adarlo
  3. Mister Borneo Joshua Lennet
  4. Mister Myanmar Aung Seng Htut Melvin



  • Third Runner-up: Mister Malaysia Joshua Benedict
  • Second Runner-up: Mister Philippines Richard Angelo Adarlo
  • First Runner-up: Mister Myanmar Aung Seng Htut Melvin
  • Mister Tourism World 2017: Mister Borneo Joshua Lennet
Joshua Lennet (Facebook/Joshua Lennet)

Joshua Lennet (Facebook/Joshua Lennet)

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